Full spectrum CBD products often have small amounts of THC inside

It’s great seeing so many people embrace CBD products, especially by the sorts of people that resisted any legal marijuana products two decades prior. I would rather see people change their minds and encourage others to do the same than hold them responsible for slowing the progression of the industry in the first place. These people wailed and whined for years over honest and responsible marijuana consumption, and now they’re benefitting from the fruits of our suffering as if they weren’t the ones stopping cannabis in all forms for decades. It angers me, but I hold my tongue. As long as these hypocrites admit they were wrong and change their voting habits, I can swallow my rage. It’s hard having memories of D.A.R.E. class in school and dealing with those smug-brained alcoholics brainwashing me into believing that THC is evil and a gateway drug to crack cocaine and heroin. Now these same people are popping capsules with full spectrum CBD oil inside like it’s nobody’s business. What they don’t realize is that their CBD products probably have tiny amounts of THC inside. There was this federal employee in Texas who lost his job and his pension after he tested positive for THC when claimed to be consuming pure CBD products. He attested to buying a product that said it had “zero THC” right on the label, but he still tested positive. It’s possible that a batch was mislabeled at the factory, because most full spectrum CBD products contain trace amounts of THC inside. Often it’s enough to trigger a drug test if you’re consuming a lot of the product.


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