Gains of dispensary membership

Being a member at any cannabis dispensary comes with its privileges just as the old TV commercial said years back.

I can only look at it in terms of the local cannabis sector.

I am a member of an exclusive club known as the Cannabis-plus. At first I wasn’t convinced enough to join since the monthly charges were discouraging as I had to pay thirty dollars each month to make you a member. Eventually though, I came to understand that it was a smart move financially, and it would benefit me in many other ways. As a member of the cannabis-plus club, I often get discounts on products, new and old. This includes the different weed strains and glassware. It also covers edibles with the newest flavors and other unique products. The other benefit is that I get free cannabis delivery on all my orders. This is not available for non-members who have to pay a minimum fee above the cost of the product for delivery. But for me, I get free delivery for everything, all the time. I always make sure to tip my cannabis delivery driver, since the membership omits this. Each week I receive an SMS from the cannabis dispensary with an explanation of the different new products they receive each week. This gives me the option to order what I need. I get the first priority on all new cannabis products which are perfect. I also get notified by text once there are “flash” sales going on at the cannabis shop. This has saved me a lot of money many times which is why I don’t mind paying for this service. This makes me feel like the most valued member of the cannabis dispensary team. Does your cannabis shop have a program like this?

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