Getting all of my marijuana products from the cannabis dispensary

It’s difficult to deny bag-appeal with cannabis flower products. When I purchased it in university, we asked the dealer to see the bag so I could look with my eyes and smell with my nose. The smell is important because stale weed is more likely to have diminished effects from the breakdown of terpenes over time. I felt lucky to find batches that stunk up my house from the sheer smell of the terpenes. That’s when you know that you’ve got a good batch of marijuana on hand, especially with quality being so hit and miss on the black market. Thankfully I can get all of my marijuana nowadays from a legal cannabis dispensary. Since we’re able to look at the flower buds before purchasing them, I have become fascinated by the numerous strains of purple cannabis. Recently I saw a dark purple batch of Runtz and a bright green batch of Slurricane. When I inquired with the dispensary manager, he explained that some strains have the genetics for purple buds regardless of how they’re grown. However, he explained to me that some varieties of purple cannabis can be given those visual attributes simply by messing around with the air temperature around the plant while it’s in the flowering stage. This is why some outdoor grow operations up north result in darker buds because the temperatures are dropping right before the crops are ready for harvest. Honestly, I care less about how my marijuana looks and more about how it smells and what the effects are like once I vaporize it and inhale.


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