Getting approved for a medical marijuana card in this state is now instantaneous

I found out recently that when I needed to change the address on my driver’s license, the DMV didn’t actually “renew” my license like they said they were.

  • Suddenly on my birthday this year my license expired and I found out from a bar where I was trying to get entry, and they said “sorry, but we can’t serve you” just from having a license that expired two days prior.

This was a major annoyance and I had to make sure I got up early enough the next morning to visit the DMV before heading into work for the day. It was an additional $35 I wasn’t expecting to spend that day, but at least my driver’s license is now active again. Oddly enough, renewing my medical marijuana card with the state was even easier this year than renewing my driver’s license. When our medical marijuana program started in 2017, you had to physically mail the Office of Medical Marijuana Use your check and paper application. Then you waited four weeks for the marijuana card to arrive. Now you can renew with their digital portal and have a temporary digital card sent to your email in a matter of minutes. This is great if you want to renew your card on the same day as your appointment with your medical cannabis physician. Once you know your physician has updated your medical cannabis recommendation with the OMMU, you can submit your application and payment method to get the temporary card in a matter of minutes. It’s an extremely convenient process compared to the paper applications from five years ago.

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