Getting high at the comic book shop

Even though the laws have changed, I still get nervous and paranoid being stoned in public.

I prefer to get high in the comfort of my own condo.

I am in my mid 40s, and up until last year marijuana possession was a crime. I had to stay highly attuned to my surroundings in public, because I was basically always high but didn’t want to get busted. Things have changed, the laws are different, and even though I know the cops aren’t after me, I still feel weird being stoned around other people! Slowly I am acclimating to the new reality, partially because of the new cannabis dispensary they opened right next to my favorite comic book shop. Yes, I am a grown man who enjoys smoking cannabis and reading comics, is that really so weird these days? Naturally it is still illegal to smoke cannabis inside of any business, including the comic book store.If I could fire up a bowl of Blue Dream inside the reading room I might not ever want to leave! Thankfully I have a vape pen, which I can use with an odorless cannabis oil and no one cares that I smoke inside. As you probably know already, vaping does not have the same impact as smoking real cannabis. I know the science behind it, and how it all comes from the same plant, but cannabis oil just never hits me as hard as smoking real weed. When it comes to spending a lazy afternoon reading books in the comic store, cannabis oil is still pretty good.

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