Getting high with my best friend

I have encountered the same problem with cannabis edibles, as well.

Music and weed just go together. I know that some folks like to get stoned and watch sports, or put on a classic movie, but I don’t enjoy the visual medium when I smoke out. I like to lower the lights, maybe even light a few candles, and put some classic jams on the sound system. I can listen to music, chill out, and smoke dope for hours on end, although some people find this boring. It is my “comfort zone.” One of the main reasons I enjoy spending time with Kate is because she shares my interest. Kate has different tastes in music and the kind of cannabis she smokes, but these are minor differences. For a while Kate tried to get me to start using cannabis oil with her. She has a really nice vape rig, with a dozen different flavors of cannabis oil for it. I really do enjoy the taste and the aroma of vaping cannabis oil, but it never seems to get me high enough. I have encountered the same problem with cannabis edibles, as well. In order to get sufficiently stoned from cannabis edibles I need to take a few of them, and usually I just end up falling asleep early. Vaping cannabis oil is a great way to relax after a hard day, because it has a great full-body high. For when I want to have fun, laugh, and listen to music I need the real deal, so I smoke cannabis strains like Purple Haze or Blue Dream. I am so lucky to have Kate.

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