Getting the help of an SEO company

Getting approved to open a recreational cannabis dispensary in my state was a time-consuming and difficult process.

The licensing was a big investment.

Following the many regulations, restrictions and accounting necessary to operate the dispensary is also labor-intensive, stressful and expensive. Along with adhering to state standards, I also need to handle the hiring, training and management of the budtenders. I’m constantly seeking out new brands and strains of cannabis, making sure all products are properly tested and introducing specials to draw customers into the shop. We offer weekly deals, vendor days, private consultations and educational classes. We also work with the community to elevate brand awareness and acceptance. There is not a lot of time leftover to focus on marketing. However, getting the name and location in front of potential customers is extremely important. When someone googles, looking for a dispensary nearby, I want our dispensary to show up toward the top of the first page. There are quite a few tourist attractions in the area. When visitors go on hikes, excursions and tours, they search out the closest dispensary. I want them to clink on the link to my business. For that, I need the assistance of a professional SEO company. I hired experts to build a user-friendly and eye-catching website with landing pages for our selection of products. They set up the ability to place online orders for in-store and curbside pickup. They optimize search engine results so that we rank well on Google. We are now hoping to add delivery to our services. The SEO company will be invaluable in making it easy for our customers to check for delivery in their local area and place an order.

seo for cannabis dispensaries