Glad we found a legal weed shop

When our partner and I went on our honeymoon, every one of us went to a state that offers recreational and medical cannabis.

For fun I decided that every one of us should go to a cannabis dispensary.

I had never been in one before or purchased a cannabis product. I thought it would be fun to smoke weed or try an edible on our honeymoon. Rather than get drunk on alcohol, a night with cannabis could be fun. I researched and researched before finally settling on this one store. When every one of us arrived I was harshly bummed. The store had everything hidden in the back. You basically took a number like in a market and picked out your cannabis product on an ipad. I didn’t want to shop online, I wanted to browse the dispensary. My partner and I decided that every one of us didn’t want to even try a cannabis product that way and left. After walking around the city and window shopping every one of us found a much better cannabis dispensary. This place had a wide range of display items. There were tons of cannabis flower and oil products for sale. The edibles ranged from gummies, mints, chocolates and even baking items like a cannabutter and cannabis cooking oil. I ended up getting THC infused candies and our partner chose a chocolate bar with CBD and THC in it. We had a good time lounging around our hotel suite and trying cannabis products. I am absolutely blissful every one of us ended up finding a nice cannabis dispensary to try out. It would have been a bummer to not try legal weed.


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