Got on medical weed for our anxiety attacks

I have always been known as being a chill, laid back person, however i have recently figured out that I repress things actually badly. I don’t even assume I am doing it until I start experiencing problems later on. I used to develop rashes right before I started college and I assume that was due to stress. A few months ago I started having panic attacks in our automobile on the way to work. I would need to pull over, calm our breathing and take a moment. I would get all hot and hot. I really thought I was having a heart attack the first time it happened. I actually thought I was going to die, then once they started happening biweekly I knew I needed to find a solution to our issue, and my partner pushed myself and others to go the medical weed route, and she already was on medical marijuana for her hot flashes. I suppose her process of getting a card was self-explanatory and fairly cheap. I can attest to that. It was way better than any other medical procedure I had done, and going to a cannabis dispensary is kind of cool as well! The budtenders all knew what they were talking about and got myself and others all set up with some cannabis flower. I smoke cigarettes anyway so it wasn’t a large deal to smoke a flower form. They got myself and others on pre-rolled joints that I just light up before I am heading to work. Since I am a farmer I can even smoke while on the tractor or in the fields. I haven’t had an anxiety attack since I have gotten on medical weed.



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