Growing weed is harder than you think

I am not a rich man, but that’s only because I spend so much of my money on weed.

I plan on turning a corner soon, and harvesting my own crops, and then all that time and money will pay off in a huge amount of cannabis.

I never knew the growing process was this long and involved! The cops and religious types make it sound like weed just grows wildly all over the place. This is not true at all, and it takes dedication and a surprising amount of science to successful harvest quality cannabis. I have been working on producing good quality cannabis for over a year now, and hope to finally get some positive results. I didn’t want to give up when things got rough – if I did that I never would get good at anything – so as I worked on my crops I kept buying weed from the cannabis dispensary. I love the cannabis dispensary, it has amazing products far above anything I will ever be able to grow. On the other hand, it is super expensive, and by my estimation one successful cannabis crop at home will save me about a thousand dollars at the dispensary. More to the point, after I have cultivated a successful cannabis crop it will be much easier to replicate the process in the future. Growing marijuana plants requires a lot of trial and error, and I have put in my fair share of errors. All I need is one big success, and I can save money on cannabis for a long time to come.

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