Happy with quality of cannabis flower at the dispensary

I just love the smooth burn

As soon as cannabis was legalized for recreational use in my state, I visited the closest dispensary. I was eager to try out professionally grown, harvested and processed smokable flower. In the past, I’d only had access to someone’s homegrown stash that was overrun with stems, leaves and seeds. There was no way to know if the weed was picked too soon or allowed to get old and stale. Very often, the flower smelled and tasted like hay and had a very skunky odor. I am truly amazed by the selection of dried flower at the dispensary. The color of the bud is a bright green and often showcases flecks of blue and purple. The surface is covered by distinctive, mushroom-shaped trichomes. These crystals are where the terpenes and cannabinoids are found, ensuring the weed will provide excellent potency, aroma and flavor. I also look for the bright orange pistils that prove the buds were cultivated at peak maturity. I’m able to read the packaging to know if the flower is categorized as a sativa, indica or hybrid strain. The THC-levels and other cannabinoids are clearly displayed. I have my choice of manufacturers, terpenes and effects. The flower is the ideal texture. It isn’t dry or crumbly. It isn’t wet and sticky. There is no sign of mold, mildew or spider mites. Because the weed is lab-tested and third-party verified, I can be sure that no harmful pesticides were used in the growth process. I just love the smooth burn. I typically pack the flower into a homemade joint. Occasionally I save some time by purchasing pre-rolls.

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