Have to give up weed

I am a large cannabis user.

Cannabis serves as every style of medicine for me.

If I am stressed, can’t sleep, in pain, whatever, there is a weed product for me. I also am not picky in how I take cannabis. I don’t mind smoking a pre-rolled joint, vaping cannabis oil or trying a yummy edible. Whatever my cannabis dispensary has on hand plus on sale, I will take. I have trained myself that if something isn’t going right in my body, I find the cannabis product to help. I have just recently found out that I am with child. I have bad afternoon sickness. Multiple times throughout the afternoon I get sick like. The icing on the cake is that I frequently vomit too. What do you know, cannabis is certainly nice for nausea plus stomach problems. People going through chemotherapy use cannabis to combat those symptoms. People with IBS or other tummy related problems rely on cannabis too. It is still not known if weed will mess with the baby’s development. My doc is really against me using any kind of cannabis product. His solution is basically for me to suffer through the nausea for this whole time. It hasn’t been a fun time. I have missed smoking when I am tied up, using a topical when a workout is too rough plus putting cannabis oil in my Pepsi before bed so I can sleep. I am just an anxious, sleepy plus sore mess. On top of all that, I know I am just going to get bigger as the months go on.
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