Have you ever tried growing cannabis?

During the COVID lockdown I tried my hand at growing weed.

  • I quickly learned that I was terrible at it.

I had always assumed it would be easy. Isn’t that why they call it “weed” in the first place, because it grows so wildly? This is not the case at all, and growing pot was too hard for me to master. I actually had to spend a few weeks high and dry, because everything was shut down and I had no access to weed! Then I was thrown a lifeline, when the local cannabis dispensary started offering “contact-free” home delivery. This ended up being amazing for two different reasons. First, I never had to worry about going with cannabis again, because the place was open 18 hours a day! Second, the cannabis dispensary was overbooked and understaffed, and actively looking for new delivery drivers. I jumped at the chance to start driving for the cannabis dispensary. It was fun, I got to meet a lot of cool people, the pay was good, and best of all I got an employee discount on everything I bought at the cannabis dispensary! By the time the COVID lockdown was completely over I was working full time for the cannabis dispensary. I quit my other job, and this “side hustle” became my only job. Now that I have a regular circuit of customers that I see every week, I need to buy less cannabis for myself. Instead of tipping me with money, most people give me a cannabis gratuity, so I have a huge Mason jar stuffed full with various strains of marijuana.

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