Have you ever tried growing your own weed?

Thanks to the legalization of our favorite plant, finding weed to smoke is not the difficult chore it used to be.

In high school, my friends would drive for two hours just to buy a few grams of ditch weed, because that was all we could get.

It makes sense that we would try to grow our own plants. It turns out that despite being called “weed” cannabis is a very fussy plant, and growing crops that are ready to smoke is a long and arduous process. I am so glad for the advent of modern cannabis dispensaries, because I never want to try to grow my own weed again. Much to my surprise, the actual growing of the cannabis plants was not the end of the process. It was quite difficult to give the marijuana plants everything they needed to grow properly, but there was still more work to be done! If and when the plants are mature you can harvest them, and then hang them up to dry to get a result of dry, smokable cannabis buds. If you mess up any step along the way, your cannabis crops will be basically worthless, they won’t get you high, they will give you a headache. I consider this to be far too much work, and too much risk, so why not let the professionals at the cannabis dispensary handle all the work? The products at the cannabis dispensary are not cheap, but after sampling how hard it is to produce quality marijuana, I understand why they cost so much.

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