Having medical marijuana shipped to my house

I remember throwing a sizable celebration on Legalization Day.

That was the end result of years worth of labor trying to change the laws; It is so stupid that pot was ever illegal to begin with.

If you weren’t already aware, marijuana was banned due to political pressure from the tobacco industry. They basically bullied as well as bribed all the right lawmakers until they could get cannabis respectfully outlawed, because it was the biggest threat to their profits. The hemp plant is so much more useful as well as adjustable than tobacco that the only way to curtail it was to get it banned. It was certainly gratifying to finally have legal access to cannabis products; Of course we didn’t have a legal medical cannabis dispensary in town yet, however that would come in time. Thanks to the current state laws I could order cannabis products from the sizable town as well as have them shipped to my house. It is still a violation of federal law to send cannabis products across state lines, so I can’t mail them to my friends across the country, but I can order them for myself no problem. In terms of having cannabis products shipped, I usually buy flowers because they are so lightweight… Cannabis drinks as well as edibles are just as potent, however they are heavier as well as thus much more fancy to ship. It will save me a lot of cash once we get our own medical cannabis store in this area, as well as I don’t have to get anything shipped. One afternoon I hope they get rid of all medical marijuana rules.


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