He directed me to a business consulting service.

When I started going to the business start-up classes, I met all kinds of business owners.

Some were opening mom and pop restaurants.

There was one young girl selling her crafts, while another was opening a tack shop. When I was asked what business I was getting into, I hesitated. Even though medical marijuana was legal in our state, there were still many people who thought it was wrong. I finally stood up and said I was hoping to open a medical marijuana dispensary. I got some odd looks, but mostly I got smiles and nods of approval. I explained how my mom had used medical marijuana ever since it was legalized, and I wanted to help people like her. After class, the instructor approached me and asked if I would stick around until everyone else had left. After he gave me the all’s clear signal, I walked up to the front of the room and sat down. He told me he knew of a business consulting service that could do me more good than he could. He still thought it would be good for me to continue with the next three classes he had, but he also wanted me to talk to the business consulting service. He gave me a phone number and told me to give the person a call. When he told me he had been the mentor for the owner of the business consulting service, I was sure I would learn a lot from this person. I called the first business consulting service within an hour of getting up the following day.

Cannabis business marketing service