Health and happiness come with a trip to the local cannabis spot

I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to be able to manage my pain in a manner that legitimately works for me… Much of my pain is due to a automobile accident I had multiple years ago.

That accident required a bunch of surgeries on my back; And prior to finding medical marijuana, I just did not have much hope of dealing with the results from my injury.

Perhaps it’s true that once you have a back surgery, you’re in for several more. I do not think for sure however that very seems to be commonplace. I still put all my efforts into rehabbing and having after surgery with all the physical therapy and endured all that pain. The doctor sort of told myself and others that this may just be the way it is. That’s difficult to come to terms with in reality. And the fact that I was on all that pain medication wasn’t helping. I could see how dependent I was getting but I was trying so difficult to be careful. I absolutely did not want to become addicted to the pain meds. So I talked to my family doctor and got the process started for a medical marijuana card. That allowed myself and others to access the cannabis dispensary in town. I absolutely wasn’t so sure what I needed as I hadn’t done that much research on the cannabis products. Turns out, I did not need to do much research since I was in fantastic hands of the local cannabis spot. Those people tested myself and others and provided myself and others with the sort of cannabis products that have turned my life around. It’s so nice to be able to use a natural product enjoy sativa and indica strains when it comes to managing my pain.


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