Health is number 1 priority plus cannabis sure helps

I can’t say that the heart attack was very all that surprising.

There is a history of heart concerns in our family that goes back a few generations. But more than anything else, it was the condition of our life that was the real warning sign. I spent a minimum of 80 hours a month working a very stressful task. When I ate, I ate garbage food. But mainly, I drank a lot of heineken plus cocktails. While I had used recreational weed back in the day, I pretty much was all into the drinking. I drank to sleep I think. My life was a mess. My relationships were a mess plus I’m just fortunate to have survived the heart attack. Thanks to a holistic life method plus legal cannabis, I’m finding that there is a lot more to life than work plus booze. But it hasn’t been exactly easy either. Coming out of the hospital plus getting a bit back on our feet came with a return of our unhealthy appetites. As area of the holistic plan, I chose to go to the cannabis store near me. It was suggested that I buy some legal weed. Recreational pot is legal in this state plus it was encouraged that I get to the cannabis store near myself and others to get some legal weed. The legal weed honestly helps myself and others stick to our up-to-date changes by helping myself and others to commit to this way of life. I’m so ecstatic that I found legal pot plus have incorporated it into our life. It’s been almost a year now plus I lost nearly 50 pounds, changed tasks to where I work 40 hours a month plus care about some wine now plus again.



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