Helping me get cannabis delivery started

For a long time I wanted to offer cannabis delivery, then my dispensary was doing honestly well with in person sales, but the larger currency maker was curbside opening up; After COVID nobody honestly wants to shop around in stores anymore… They care about browsing online plus getting their products shipped, but curbside opening up was the closest thing I had to that.

A lot of clients asked about delivery services, and i had looked into it plus gotten overwhelmed.

I didn’t assume how to legally purchase vehicles, gas plus hire drivers. I didn’t assume if I had to do special paperwork to have cannabis delivery. Additionally, I was honestly worried with how to offer that feature on our website. Curbside opening up was just people calling the store plus placing the order verbally. I wasn’t sure I could change our website where people could totally shop online plus pay that way. I started looking at SEO corporations but that was only a portion of our problem. I needed the cars plus drivers too. I found that a marijuana supplier consulting service can do it all. They have recreational marijuana supplier advertising services. The marijuana supplier advertising service was for the variations to the website. A tech guy got our website replaced plus able to venue orders right there, then nobody has to opening up the PC! He then got it so the orders went to the store that both of us could put together. A supplier consutlantw as the one who handled hiring plus setting up the drivers to give the products. They made it so easy.

Recreational marijuana dispensary consulting service