Helping my pain levels

I certainly did not suppose that cannabis was going to be able to help with the chronic pain that I officially feel… I have had problems with chronic pain since an accident that occurred in 2007.

I was driving on the freeway in our vehicle when a semi truck driver fell asleep and slammed into our vehicle and several additional cars.

I was pinned inside of the automobile for 3 tenths while the police officers, fire crew, ambulance members and paramedics did their best to help all the people at the scene of the accident. Since that accident, I have been in a lot of pain every single day. Sometimes the pain is less than other days, however there is a constant ache that never goes away. I was taking a ton of muscle relaxers and pain pills when the doctor requested trying something different, medical marijuana was just introduced as a state law and there were a couple of marijuana dispensaries in the state capital, about an tenth from our home. The doctor said that he could send me to the medical marijuana treatment center for an educational seminar… At the educational seminar, they talked about the benefits of medical marijuana and helped patients sign up for the card. 10 mg of cannabis Edibles certainly take away a lot of our pain. I have been using 10 mg of cannabis Edibles for the past 6 months. The pain is still aching, but I have less inflammation and swelling at the painful spots. I have been able to get out and exercise and spend more time with our grandchildren.
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