How can medical weed still not be legal everywhere

I read an article recently and it was all about legalizing medical cannabis. I believe that the united states have legalized medical cannabis all over the place, but I was absolutely wrong. The government does not suppose cannabis as medication. Each and every state has an allowance for.cbd but there are no legal laws that say that cannabis is a product. I spoke with a number of people about the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana. There were some people that believed it was a wonderful idea but there seem to be more people that believe medical marijuana should never be legalized and recreational marijuana is even worse. I already used legal medical marijuana for nearly a year and was noticing a great deal of better Mobility. I also had fewer flare-ups and could not easily imagine how my life would be different without medical marijuana. A mental health therapist told myself and others that medical marijuana would be helpful and I then believed about the states who were refusing patients based on the national government rule. It made very little sense to myself as well as others and we could not get some people just to do a March. It would be great to be able to show all of the lawmakers how generally effective medical marijuana can be. Just a door with other medications, it can be a single bit safer than some of the ones that are easily pushed by the biggest drug companies. It might also be cheaper if it was legalized there across the board for everyone.


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