How do I know marijuana will help?

Before I talked to the healthcare expert, I wanted to see if medical marijuana would even help with my concerns. I had been anorexic for a long time now, plus I was fearing the destruction it was doing to my body. I tried to take care of it myself, although I was weak, plus I no longer had an appetite, and my husband wasn’t thrilled with me, plus he told me to get my weight under control, or he would leave. He hated watching me push food around my plate plus never eat it. I told him I wasn’t hungry, but he knew better. I knew he was joking when he told me marijuana provided you the munchies, so maybe I should go back to being a pothead. I was healthy back then, even if I was too heavy in my eyep. He thought I was wonderful. I went online the next day plus started researching if medical marijuana could help with anorexia. My psychologist had talked about it, but he told me that anorexia was a mental condition that became physical. She thought marijuana may lessen my depression plus I would have a better appetite. I would need to use it religiously if I wanted it to help. My mind would need to be reprogrammed plus realize that eating was essential to living. I told my husband I applied for a medical marijuana ID card plus had been approved. He thanked me plus said he couldn’t wait for us to get back to being us, plus enjoying eating meals together. I had to agree, however it was something I couldn’t yet picture for me.


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