How I got the task as a cannabis delivery driver.

My first night on the task was easily eventful, and not in a great way.

Since then things have been a lot more chill, and I’m starting to like my work, however it was a rough way to start! The only reason I got the task was because it was such short notice, and I was the only applicant who could start immediately.

I do mean “immediately” because they called me at 2pm and I started my first shift at 6pm! The previous delivery driver had been robbed the night before. She wasn’t hurt, although she was too scared to work, which is why they needed a new cannabis driver ASAP, when I got the call from the cannabis dispensary supervisor I rushed down there so I could talk to him in person… As soon as I entered the cannabis dispensary, she saw me and said I was perfect for the task. The reason for this, which I haven’t mentioned, is my size. I am over six feet tall, weigh several hundred pounds, and am the most fearsome looking cannabis delivery girl you have ever seen! The same cannabis thieves that robbed the last driver would know twice about trying to stick me up. My first night delivering cannabis products went pretty well, and I made a lot of tips. At the end of the shift, I saw a shady looking chick lurking in the back parking lot behind the cannabis dispensary. She started to talk towards my car, however once I got out and she saw how large I was, she decided not to try to steal my cannabis procedes.
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