How much do you genuinely tip for marijuana delivery?

I was in a serious quandary about what I should tip for marijuana delivery.

I could not find anything online that even hinted at tipping a marijuana delivery driver, but I thought it would be proper courtesy.

I no longer drove the distance, and they were doing me a big favor by delivering my medical marijuana to my house. When I called in my order, the budtender told me the marijuana delivery people didn’t expect tips, and they should not be asking for one. No one had ever really asked for one, but I started thinking about the practice. When I was at an eating establishment, my associate and I typically tipped the hostess for doing a wonderful task. If she did great, her tip was greater. If she was a poor server, the tip showed that. I thought I should show the same courtesy to the marijuana delivery driver. The young lady who brought my marijuana delivery was typically on time and truly courteous. Only one time did she not smile and be nice, and she seemed highly annoyed. When I asked, she said she was fine, but I knew different. Had I been tipping properly, I may have given him a smaller tip, however there would have been something extra for him. I was talking to my friend who also got medical marijuana delivery, and asked him why she tipped the marijuana delivery lady. She said she tipped no one. She wasn’t supposed to give money to people who were getting paid to do a task. She was quite rude, which made me more determined to pay the marijuana delivery lady at least 10% of whatever my order was.

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