How much should I charge?

How much do you charge clients? I found I struggled with setting up pricing in our cannabis dispensary, and i got our supplier to the point that it was legal plus above board.

I had a fully functional building with glass display cases waiting to be filled.

I then stalled at what products I wanted to offer plus for how much. I looked at other dispensaries plus I realized I had no clue if they were charging the right amount. It seemed wrong to just hope pretty much everyone else was charging right. I also know that our cannabis product sales are what will keep our supplier afloat. I don’t want to overcharge plus lose clients although I don’t want to undercharge plus lose our dispensary. I finally called a medical marijuana supplier consulting service, however the medical weed consultant was easily fantastic at sitting out pricing for me; He talks about the average income that people in our state make, and every one of us went over taxes, inflation plus what demographic I am lovely to. I finally got a definite price list of what I should charge plus what I need to charge in order to keep the lights on. It didn’t take really long for our medical weed consultant to get it all squared away for me. It was such a relief to have that questioned answered intelligently as well. I now know that some of our competition is grossly overcharging for inferior products. I think more confident than ever about our cannabis store. I easily think that I am going to knock out some competition.

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