How multiple times do I have to tell them that I wanted a high CBD count?

Every time I went into the medical marijuana dispensary, I would tell the budtender what I wanted from a product.

I wanted something that had a high CBD/CBG pleased, and a low THC count.

I get my marijuana products delivered to my door, and it isn’t until the delivery driver is gone that I open the bag. Every time, I find something that isn’t enjoy what I ordered. I kept telling them that I want a high CBD percentage with a low percentage of THC. I didn’t want to get high, but I wanted to be able to get some sleep and not suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. I was getting multiple hours of sleep a evening until the dentist told me about medical marijuana. Even before I laid down, and was just relaxing, my legs would begin to jump. I would be resting in my recliner and my legs would beginning jumping off the seat. It was frustrating and painful and I knew I had to do something for it. When the dentist recommended medical marijuana, I thought she was crazy. I was in my sixties and had never tried marijuana. I was still under the plan that marijuana was a drug that would just keep building up inside so I had to keep using more. The dentist told me I was wrong and I should supply it a try. I found out early that the CBD was the best thing for me, however after over a year, I still had to watch closely. If I didn’t pay attention to what I was getting at the marijuana dispensary, I would have a high THC pleased and low CBD.


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