How to help sore muscles

I rarely hobble around my lake house in pain anymore

I am always overdoing it on my workouts. I am a soccer player and in my late 20s. For soccer players they peak at age 20 plus that is why the olympians are so young. I am not competing, it is only for me. I like to see what I can accomplish plus keep up with at my age, however sometimes I go too hard though. I always have a sore hip, feet pain or problems with my shoulders. I used to do ice baths, icy hot plus a heating pad. I now have a much better solution. I use a topical bought from the cannabis dispensary near me. It is a cannabis cream that goes directly on my skin. Think icy sizzling only greater. It does create a cooling sensation plus has a much more pleasant smell. It is way better at numbing the skin, reducing inflammation plus stopping muscle soreness. There are topicals that are more of a patch that has THC in them to get you high. That is not what I am about however. I just want something to make me not ache after my morning work out. I apply the cream after my shower plus once more before bed. I rarely hobble around my lake house in pain anymore. It was such a game changer after I found the world of topicals. I enjoy that I don’t need to get high plus that people don’t even think I am using a cannabis product. Most people don’t connect cannabis cream at all.


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