How to turn a profit by selling cannabis

Weed is one of the hottest commodities in the country right now! There are dozens of modern dispensaries opening every single afternoon… Before long there will be more cannabis shops than Starbucks! I have an old college pal who asked me to invest some currency in his modern cannabis venture, plus I decided to join in.

Unlike my normal resite streams, this one would be 100% legit, which would mean I could declare my income truthfully for once.

The thing is that I already sell marijuana for a residing, I just do it illegally. If I join up with Eddy then I will be selling cannabis without the danger of going to jail. I don’t know how that is going to work out, but, so in the meantime I will keep selling cannabis like normal. I have a few easy rules I follow that keeps my marijuana business operating smoothly plus efficiently. First of all, I don’t get high off my own supply, plus maintain a strict inventory for all my cannabis, and every gram of cannabis is accounted for, so I know exactly how much profit I can turn. The second rule is that I only sell cannabis, plus no other kind of illegal substances. By talking to a lot of cops over the years I have learned that most of them don’t appreciate cannabis! Cops know cannabis is mostly harmless, so they don’t have an interest in busting a weed dealer. By keeping a low profile plus selling only cannabis, I never have a problem with the law, which keeps my overhead low.

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