Husband designs cannabis sites

I am relieved about that

My husband has worked for an SEO company for the last five years. He works in the web design department. His job is to create new websites and he often shows the new designs to me! In most cases, the digital SEO company specializes in plumbing and electrical companies. Recently, they have expanded into cannabis SEO. I am not knowledgeable in cannabis products and dispensaries. The SEO for marijuana dispensaries seems more challenging but also more fun! My husband seems more excited to tackle the web build for a marijuana dispensary rather than a plumbing and electrical business. The pictures he uses on the websites are typically better resolution. The images are very clear, modern and depict healthy and happy lifestyles. My husband was limited in how creative he could be with colors, fonts and images for plumbing and electrical websites. When he targets cannabis builds, he can utilize more vibrant colors. He showed me the most recent web design for a cannabis shop and it was really beautiful. The pictures of the facility make it look big and open with a wide range of products. The layout of the website is minimalistic and clean. I have never tried cannabis products but even I felt intrigued. My husband hopes that his SEO company will continue to concentrate mainly on marijuana dispensaries. The business owners tend to be younger. They are more willing to listen and invest into web changes. They are aware of social media and recognize its importance in boosting their sales. The cannabis dispensary clients also tend to be less demanding. They don’t call my husband for assistance after hours. I am relieved about that. Cannabis SEO has turned out to be a great opportunity for my husband and his company. Hopefully the cannabis industry will continue to thrive and they will hire out for search engine optimization.



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