Hybrid strains are superb for moments when you need relaxation without getting too sleepy

When I get beach apartment from work, it’s a matter of transitioning from 1 job into another. At first I’m the IT contractor at work, then I’m back to being a husband and a father again. I’m picking up or driving my kids to university events, sports games and practices, and to sites where they can spend time with their friends. I also have to do whatever grocery shopping wasn’t completed over the weekend. While some people might start unwinding from a long day as soon as they get beach apartment from work, I have to stay focused and alert to complete the rest of my jobs for the day as a parent and fiance. I can’t start sipping a strong alcoholic beverage because more likely than not I will be required to get in the vehicle again to drop 1 of my kids off somewhere and opportunity them up later on. That’s why in section I reach for cannabis to help myself and others get through this critical portion of my day. Sativa strains would be to mentally stimulating without offering myself and others the needed stress and pain relief that I desperately need. Unblessedly, going for an indica strain yields similar issues because they’re often too sedating for myself and others to stay focused and ready to do what needs to be done. That’s why I really only have 1 opportunity for relieving my stress and that’s using hybrid strains of cannabis that are calming without making myself and others too sleepy at the same time. OG Kush happens to be 1 of my number one cannabis strains of all time, and it is a hybrid.

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