I always shop the sales at the medical cannabis stores when I want more medicine

If it wasn’t for my government subsidized healthcare plan, I wouldn’t be able to afford all of my expensive medications.

  • At one point I was spending upwards of $100 a month on prescription drugs, but now that most of the copays are only $3 a piece, that total is down below $40 as the prices shift over time.

This is a significant savings that cannot be understated, even if this health insurance plan has little to no effect on hospital fees and doctors office visits. They have some medical doctors within the network, but the options are extremely limited, especially if you want a good doctor who is willing to listen to you regarding all of your problems. With all of my medical fees, it was hard to add medical marijuana to the mix when it was legalized. However, certain strains of cannabis work better than any antidepressant that I’ve ever tried for treating severe depression. I will load a vaporizer with ground flower buds to get high throughout the day time and evening hours. To afford my medical marijuana products, I have to religiously shop all of the cannabis dispensary deals that are active at any given moment. Sometimes a cannabis dispensary will be running a 50% off deal and it’s a limited time offer. Those are the days when I drop everything to get in my car to drive over to the cannabis dispensary for new products. I can get everything from cannabis edibles to cannabis flower products, especially if there is a fresh drop of the latter. I don’t like buying old and nasty cannabis flower products.


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