I am a pothead with good manners

There are many people who think that the success of a movie night at home has to do with technology.

These people are wrong.

No matter how nice your TV and soundbar, those are not major elements to throwing a movie night. You need a good movie, of course, but how good it looks on the screen makes no difference to how much you enjoy it. We have had amazing movie nights on a crappy old low-def TV and had bad ones on a plasma screen. You need snacks and drinks, you need cannabis, but more than anything you need good company. Although if I am being totally honest, I would rather watch a movie alone with cannabis, then watch it sober with friends. Marijuana enhances the movie experience for me, for every movie I have ever seen, and let me tell you why. Most movies are stupid, and require that you suspend your disbelief for a couple of house, something I simply cannot do without the help of cannabis. It is a lot harder to enjoy a film when sober, so I always like to smoke cannabis throughout the movie to keep me in the right frame of mind. Usually I will host a movie night, just so I don’t get any hassles about my frequent marijuana use, but I will go over to a friend’s house if they are 420-friendly. Of course I always bring enough treats for everyone, because I find it incredibly rude to smoke marijuana in front of other people and not offer them any. I may be a pothead but I have manners!

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