I am fifty-years-old and using marijuana.

I just turned seventy-years-old and I am using marijuana; I can’t say I never used marijuana before, because I am seventy-years old.

I grew up in the sixties, and everyone was using marijuana, at least everyone I knew was using marijuana, my brother had me rolling marijuana cigarettes when I was just ten years old, so he could have a get-together.

My parents were out of town, and he planned a get-together with about twenty people, and he was twenty-one and they thought he would be a fantastic babysitter; Boy, were they wrong? I was in a serious automobile accident when I was in our fifties and broke our leg in many unusual locations, and they thought they would need to amputate when I got a serious infection, but it didn’t happen. I was left using a walker and it never really healed well, and I have chronic pain in our leg. The nurses wanted to deliver me painkillers, but our husband said no. He wanted me to try medical marijuana for the pain. He had read a lot about the effectiveness of medical marijuana helping people with chronic pain. He thought I could get more comfort from medical marijuana than from the painkillers. Both of us found a nurse that would write the prescription, and went to visit him. He did an exam and said our husband was right. I am still using a cane and a walker, but the pain has subsided quite a bit, thanks to medical marijuana. My nurse still says it is the body healing itself, and I’m not arguing, but when I miss our medical marijuana a day or 2, I am in real pain.


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