I appreciate the smell of marjiuana plus it's simple to recognize

I would appreciate to know that I have a pretty fantastic nose.

I can distinguish between smells that are awful plus fantastic plus I can usually tell where an odor is coming from.

One thing that I can know for sure is the smell of recreational marijuana, however recreational marijuana has an odor that is particularly simple to recognize. I smoked weed when I was a child plus I still use recreational marijuana this week. None of my teenagers are ancient enough to use recreational marijuana. They are 15 plus 13. I do not keep any supplies inside of my apartment plus therefore there is entirely no way for the teenagers to get into anything that is ours. I was surprised when I came apartment plus I smelled recreational marijuana in my home. I instantaneously went outside plus the teenagers were hanging out with some friends. A small marijuana outside, however the smell was particularly faint. I instantaneously asked the teenagers if someone was smoking outside. The teenagers started saying no plus they all agreed. They all said No at the exact same time plus they were particularly insistent that they had no proposal why the house would smell appreciate that. At that point, I realized that they were using marijuana at the house. I told the teenagers that it was time for their friends to go home. Later while we were having dinner, I brought up marijuana again plus I told the teenagers that I knew someone had been smoking. I didn’t ask them for the answer to my questions, however I told the teenagers that I better not ever smell marijuana in this house again.


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