I buy my weed from my Grandpa

I have started buying all my weed from my Grandpa.

  • He always gets the best stuff! It isn’t cheap, because Grandpa doesn’t give a family discount.

He sees cannabis as a valuable commodity to be traded, and he loves making profits. Grandpa was never a weed smoker, he liked cigars and that was his vice of choice. When the state government legalized medical marijuana for the elderly, Grandpa immediately went to the doctor to get his prescription Rx card. Once he had that, he started going to the local cannabis dispensary as often as possible, and buying the maximum amount allowed by law. He hardly ever smoked it, he would just give some to his sister, and then sell the rest to my teenage and college friends. A few months ago the legal limit was raised, and now Grandpa can purchase up to an ounce of cannabis per day. No one at the cannabis dispensary ever asks him why he buys so much, maybe they don’t care. All I know is that anytime I need cannabis my Grandpa has plenty on hand to sell. If I give him some advanced notice I can even get special orders, like if I want Blue Dream or Purple Haze in particular. Please don’t think that my Grandpa is some sort of big-time cannabis dealer. He only does this because his retirement fund is so weak, and he really needs all the extra cash he can get. The only way he can do that without getting a full time job is by selling his medical cannabis.

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