I called the consulting firm for more answers

I had at least a hundred bizarre questions about the laws and legalities of opening a cannabis dispensary, but a friend of mine presented myself and others with a actually particular opportunity! I had just turned half a million dollars from Bitcoin and I was looking to invest; My friend hit myself and others up with an method to invest in a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary.

I honestly didn’t think any of the laws regarding this type of business, so I contacted a consultant, but the consultant met with myself and others and answered all of the questions I had regarding opening a cannabis shop.

I l acquired a lot of information during that consultation, then when our friend met with myself and others for dinner, I had a lot of additional questions to ask. The cannabis dispensary consultant told myself and others exactly where to begin and which questions to ask. I had everything written down on a piece of paper, so I wouldn’t forget anything. After all of our questions were answered, I had the information to make a much better decision that was informed and educated. I would have loved to join our friend in business, although I did not know our small investment was going to be helpful in the long run and I did not want to get rid of a chunk of money for a small interest and claim in the dispensary . I still have a ton of money in our bank account and I am still looking for the perfect business choice and sound Investment. The right thing will eventually land in our lap.


Recreational marijuana business consulting service