I cannot just force my sister to leave my apartment

My sister plus her bestie argument all of the time.

Even when they go to my mom’s cabin for supper, they end up in a fight.

I have spent a lot of time with my sister plus her bestie plus I’ve never seen them gleeful together. I truthfully do not know why my sister even puts up with the guy. He only has a part-time task plus he doesn’t treat her entirely well. When my sister plus her bestie get into large arguments, she comes to stay at my locale. I do not mind putting my sister up for a night or two, especially when she needs time away from her bestie. On Thursday night, my sister called me to ask if she could come over plus spend the night, however she was fighting with her bestie again plus I could tell that she needed a locale to go. I agreed to let my sister come to the whole house. She brought two huge suitcases with her plus I thought that she was staying for one night. She also brought a collection of bowls plus bongs plus thought she was going to smoke marijuana in the kitchen. I told my sister that she simply cannot smoke marijuana in the kitchen plus I did not want her to smoke somewhere in her kitchen either. I told my sister that she could smoke cannabis outside on the patio, however my associate will eventually complain about that too. I cannot just tell my sister to simply leave, however she is going to need to follow all of the cabin rules if she plans to stay awhile.

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