I can’t smoke weed around my wife

My wife has pretty bad allergies, and they aren’t the seasonal kind they exist all year around. This is hard for her, especially since they seem to get worse as she gets older. I try to be a supportive husband and help out when I can, but there isn’t much I can do for something like that! I do drive her to her medical appointments, so she never has to worry about being behind the wheel. I also never smoke inside, which is difficult come summer time. I am an avid cannabis user, one who cannot smoke inside his own home. I am glad that we live in a time with so many options, because the cannabis dispensary has dozens of different smokeless options for me. Although this is great, and I am not above using a vape pen or having some edibles, nothing hits me the same way as smoking out. As the stupid internet meme says, “it just hits different” well for me that is 100% true when it comes to cannabis. I don’t want a blunt, or a rolling paper, I just want high quality cannabis ground up finely and smoked from a pipe or a bong. Even if my wife is not at home, I cannot smoke cannabis inside, because the secondhand smoke seems to stick to everything. Even though it is inconvenient, I must remember that my cannabis use is not as important as my wife’s respiratory health. It is a sacrifice that I am happy to make, although I guess I do need to vent about it from time to time.
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