I consume CBD edibles everyday before I leave my house to go to work

Driving to work in the mornings is a test for my patience and my resilience in the face of chronic anxiety and fear.

Some people have no compassion for others on the road, especially on the interstate where everyone is driving over 60 miles per hour.

If there’s a traffic jam I constantly worry that I’m going to be late to work. My boss told me once that I should plan ahead for these situations, but am I supposed to leave an hour early every single morning and simply wait in my car in the parking lot if there’s no traffic delaying my arrival. Since there has been a lot of road construction work, the path to work every morning is even more susceptible to heavy traffic than usual. I don’t know how to stay calm, especially if I’m getting close to the point where I know that I’m going to be late to work that day. I finally found a way to stay calmer every morning before my arrival to the office. I decided to purchase CBD edibles from a hemp and CBD store that opened in a local strip mall. These CBD edibles help calm my anxiety, especially on mornings when I have to wait patiently in slow moving traffic. If I can keep a calm mind during life’s most stressful moments, I can prevent myself from losing my mind. I can’t afford to show up to work in a state of total frustration and anxiety every morning. This is where the CBD edibles help the most. I find them at a local CBD and vape store that is between my house and the office.

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