I could have a future at this medical cannabis shop

Getting a job at the local dispensary has totally changed how I guess about marijuana. Of course you know I have never been a stranger to smoking weed, it’s been a factor in my life for as long as I can remember. My mom and dad both got high daily, although they tried to keep it a secret from me plus my siblings. In university most of my classmates and friends were found smoking something, be it tobacco or cannabis. The point of the story is that I consider weed to be a normal thing people do, plus have never thought about it as medical. Now that I work at the medical cannabis dispensary I have gained a fresh perspective on this beloved plant. There are a lot of brave people who frequent this cannabis dispensary who depend on our products to keep their lives tolerable. My friends only smoke weed to get high, however these people rely on medical cannabis products to relieve their aches plus pains, plus allow them to sleep at night. With that in mind, I started taking the job at the medical cannabis shop much more seriously. These people deserved the utmost respect, plus they deserved the best buyer maintenance any cannabis dispensary could provide them! My boss noticed my newfound enthusiasm, plus privately told me that within 3 or 4 months I could be the senior budtender for the cannabis dispensary. She liked how I treated the medical cannabis patients with such respect, plus the patients were noticing it, too. The cannabis dispensary had been getting glowing reviews online, thanks in part to my buyer service. I guess I may have a bright future in medical cannabis.

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