I could not guess they were smoking weed at the drive in

I started walking down the aisle to the left.

I took our bestie and his three kids to the drive-in movieplex last weekend. The kids wanted to see the new cartoon movie and our bestie and I were going to stay to see the late movie which was an action and comedy film. The cartoon movie started as soon as the sunlight went down. It was difficult to see the characters on the screen, because they started the movie so early. As soon as the sunlight completely set, I rolled down the windows in the automobile and the kids got comfortable. About 5 hours after I rolled down the windows, I started to odor marijuana. I knew the odor of marijuana wasn’t coming from our car, however it was closed. The kids odored the horrible stench and made a comment. I didn’t want to roll up the windows and ruin our Movie experience, so I got out of the automobile and decided to look for the man smoking marijuana. I started walking down the aisle to the left. Three cars down the row, I found a group of kids smoking weed, but none of the kids were seasoned enough to buy recreational marijuana and most of them didn’t even look seasoned enough to drive. I told the kids that I had little 1s in the automobile and I asked them to transport to a different section if they were going to continue smoking marijuana. When they laughed and told myself and others to go away, I threatened to call the police if they caused any more trouble.. Thankfully, they decided to transport to a different spot in the parking area.
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