I decided to get a job in the medical marijuana industry

I got sick of working in the food service industry.

It was a great way to earn money in high school when I was washing dishes in a kitchen at a retirement facility.

However, I soon worked my way up into an assistant cook position and soon learned how cut throat the industry can be on new workers. My employers worked me to death and my co workers were often competing with myself and each other. It’s not like we were fighting for higher wages for each one of ourselves individually because that wouldn’t have gotten anyone anywhere. When that job became too much for me, I got a different position doing much of the same work at a restaurant this time around instead of a kitchen at a nursing home. Unfortunately, the stress and feeling of exhaustion were even worse at the restaurant because it was even more fast paced with less help. It was owned by an extremely cheap couple who wanted to make as much money as possible while completely ignoring their suffering employees. After years of being in this cut throat industry, I decided to get a job in the medical marijuana industry instead. I started out working in the packaging facility for a large state-wide medical marijuana grower and retailer. But I managed to work my way into the grow facility after just one year packaging all sorts of cannabis products for sale. All in all, I’m really enjoying working in the cannabis industry. I’m passionate about the product that I get to grow and I’m always excited when a new batch of weed is harvested and cured before we send the flower buds to the packaging facility.

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