I decided to transfer after the visit

I want to visit a couple of my friends that live on the west coast and it was my first time visiting a place with legal recreational marijuana laws.

It was undoubtedly interesting to see the attitude that people have towards marijuana.

It was much odd than the way that people felt about marijuana in my hometown. I decided to transfer to the west coast after visiting my friends and it genuinely did not take a lot of convincing on their part, however as soon as they gave to supply me a place to sleep, I told them that I would go apartment and pack all of my stuff and make the drive. It was going to cost a lot of money to live on the west coast, however my friends told me I could sleep on the couch until I figured things out. It’s nice to have a lot of friends that are supportive and willing to do anything to help a guy out and it is also nice to live in a place where recreational marijuana is legal. I got into trouble in my hometown for having a joint and I had to do 120 hours of community repair and spend 30 nights in jail, then everyone in the village looked at me like I was a sizable loser, just because I had a marijuana joint in my pocket. My parents were ashamed of me and they acted like I had a problem with heroin or crack. After I moved to the west coast, I felt a lot better about myself. I suddenly realized that marijuana doesn’t have to be something shameful. Many people correctly use marijuana and it’s no big deal here.


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