I didn’t have the money for it after all

I had been saving for a long time and was prepared to open a cannabis dispensary, however i then realized I didn’t think how much money I really needed at the end of the day. I talked to people at the bank and other store owners, however they were not absolutely helpful. I then found that a recreational weed dispensary consultant was the way to go. This person knows everything from the growing process, to open a cannabis dispensary and to helping it run better. I called the guy over to take a look at my finances and see if I actually can get a store; He was amazing at his job. He sat me down and every one of us made the decision to go over start up costs, ongoing costs and potential risks going into business. He also helped me decide what was my target audience? Am I doing recreational weed or medical weed? There are all sorts of fees that I wasn’t expecting too. There is the cannabis cultivation fee, licensing, insurance, and retail rental, then my cannabis consultant laid it out absolutely clearly and evenly for me, then all of us then went through what kind of loans I could get and what licenses I absolutely needed! When it was all said and done I knew the amount of money I needed to achieve. I couldn’t get a supplier loan for that amount. I am not quite there on achieving my dream. I am so happy I didn’t start the process and waste a bunch of money to realize that. When I gain that amount of money, I will be calling my cannabis consultant again.

Recreational marijuana business consulting