I do not have the same shaky hands since using yearly cannabis

For the past five years, I have been dealing with hand tremors, however my hands shake uncontrollably at different times throughout the day; Occasionally the shaking is caused by stress plus other times the shaking occurs for no reason at all! It can be truly embarrassing at work.

Occasionally I can’t even hold my pop cup still without shaking plus spilling.

I was in a meeting at toil one day plus the boss observed the shaking… He had a discussion with me about alcoholism. I politely plus sternly informed my boss that I was suffering from tremors plus he backed off. After that, I knew it was pressing to bring up the tremors with my dentist. My dentist advocated medical marijuana as a way to help with the concerned system problems… The dentist told me that there was great information proving marijuana to be a helpful treatment for Tremors plus seizures. I took the advice of the dentist plus went through with the process to sign up for a medical marijuana card. I really didn’t tell any of my family plus friends about the diagnosis plus I really didn’t tell them about medical marijuana. I kept that secret to myself until the day when my wifey discovered a package in the bedroom. I had to come disinfect after that, because she thought I had a drug addiction, but we went to the dentist together plus my primary care physician explained all of the basics about medical marijuana plus how it could help me live a better life free of tremors plus shaking.

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