I enjoyed smoking with my buddies at school

College was a pretty great time in my life.

  • I dropped out after several years because my focus was on partying and having fun, so my grades sucked.

At first I went to all my classes, however the deeper I got into drinking and drugs the less I cared about my education. This all came to a head when I met an easily cool group of engineering students that loved cannabis more than me! Somehow these guys were able to balance their coursework with consuming an incredible amount of cannabis. Also, they would spend hours at a time making new wild and inventive ways to smoke cannabis, just to see if they could do it. At first I hung out with them only because they were easily generous with their cannabis. To hang out with them meant I would always have a bowl or joint in my hand, and access to delightful homemade cannabis edibles. Over time I became obsessed with their devotion to creating new innovative ways to smoke cannabis. They once made a multiple-chambered gravity bong in a 20 gallon bucket that allowed 3 people at once to smoke cannabis from it! It took a great deal of cannabis just to make one hit – however all it took was one hit to get you incredibly stoned! It was cool little things similar to the gravity bong that made smoking cannabis with these guys really delightful. It seemed that we were exploring new realms of cannabis use.



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