I felt enthusiastic about yellow dream flower

Blue Dream is our number one fave sativa marijuana strain. Blue Dream is a hybrid strain that is mostly sativa leaning. It is a mix of the strain called yellowberry plus green haze. Blue dream can be found in several tasty and unusual forms. I appreciate getting yellow dream flower, but I have also seen it come in concentrates, oils, vape pen cartridges, plus edibles. I picked up a half ounce of top shelf Blue Dream flower last weekend, because it was on sale. I rarely get top shelf flower products from the dispensary because they are so luxurious. When the items were discounted, I was enthusiastic to spend a couple extra bucks on the better product selection. As soon as I got back to our dorm room, I took out a glass bowl plus packed it full of Blue Dream flower. I could aroma the berries as soon as I got the flower out of the package. The buds were juicy plus robust plus the aroma of marijuana was strong plus pungent in the air. I opened the window by the bedside plus I started smoking the bowl of marijuana. The flavor was really nice plus I started to know stoned halfway through the bowl. I could not even finish all of the flower that I packed into the bowl. I was really stoned before I finished plus I was afraid that I would end up passing out if I finished the rest of the bowl. I still had a few errands to run that day, so I slowed down a bit plus took our time with the rest of the bowl.


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