I finally got a marijuana oil pen with liquid rosin inside

I assume I was expecting a lot more when medical cannabis was first legalized in our beach house state.

The people I was with and I waited for years plus numerous attempts at voting for the law on our election ballot until it was finally passed about six years ago. I assume that most cannabis users had the minimal expectation that they would at bare minimum be able to buy whole flower products prefer you’d get off the street from any random weed dealer. Instead, the conservative government here imposed unconstitutional restrictions on the medical cannabis market plus stripped it down to only cannabis tinctures, capsules, vaporizer cartridges, plus oil syringes. You couldn’t buy whole cannabis flower products until 2018, plus that was after a back plus forth legal battle with the governor plus her unhinged attorney general. It took us electing a current governor for the government to ditch the ban on smokable cannabis flower products, which still frustrates me to this day. That’s after having access to whole flower products for the past four years straight now. But there are other products available nowadays that I’m growing changingly impressed by what we’re able to purchase as medical cannabis patients in this state. I used to prefer marijuana oil pens until I got sick of paying high prices for cheap THC distillate oil thrown into cartridges with some botanical terpenes for flavor. When I heard that full spectrum, solventless rosin cartridges would be available for marijuana oil pens, I was amazed. I have dabbed rosin before plus prefer the rich terpenes that it contains. Rosin is extracted with heat plus pressure so there are no dangerous solvents used in its manufacturing process.


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