I found a new dispensary.

Last month, my husband and I went on a mini vacation. No sooner had we arrived at our destination, then I realized I had forgotten to bring along my medical marijuana. My husband, being as diligent as he was, had his phone out within seconds. after I made the comment. He was looking for medical cannabis dispensaries within 5 miles of where we were staying. It shocked me to see how many cannabis dispensaries there were around the area that we were in. As he looked through them, he was making comments about the different products that they have in their stores. At one point he got very quiet, and I asked if there was something wrong? He ‌read what they wrote on their website, and I became excited. They offered a 50% discount on all products purchased by a first-time buyer. We both knew how expensive it was for my medical marijuana products, and getting 50% off was really exciting for both of us. Although I needed mostly CBD products to ease my pain, I also used some salves that were mostly THC, and some THC products to help me ‌sleep. What would have normally cost me $500 for a two-month supply of marijuana products, cost me only $230. The people at the marijuana dispensary were very nice and even gave us a flyer that would give us 25% off a future purchase at their dispensary. I signed up for their mailing list and knew that the next time we were in that area we would stop by to make purchases. Although we knew we wouldn’t be receiving 50% off our purchases of marijuana products, the interaction we had with the budtenders was enough to make us want to return.

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