I found both wonderful plus bad cannabis dispensaries

My holiday was a blast! Thanks to all the people who messaged me! I entirely plan on making a full video about it for our Youtube channel, however there is still a lot of information for me to digest; I don’t think what I expected on this trip, but I think our expectations were exceeded in every possible way.

I even managed to change our return flight, just so I could stay in the town plus keep exploring for another couple afternoons.

The natural beauty of the landscapes, the amazing decor plus architecture of the buildings, plus of course all that appealing cannabis. This town has long been known as a bastion of cannabis innovation, plus now I think why, but of course cannabis is legal there, not just medical USge however recreational pot as well, cannabis dispensaries are so typical that I never had to walk many blocks to find one. Because there are so many cannabis dispensaries, that means there are wonderful ones plus bad ones. I made the comparison to Target plus Walmart – Target is a nicer store, however Walmart is cheaper. I found a few Target cannabis dispensaries that were nice plus clean, brightly lit, plus entirely fancy. I also found some lesser quality cannabis dispensaries, the Walmart style, with lower prices however a dirtier, junkier store with poorly trained employees. I spent most of our time at the nice cannabis dispensaries, however before it was time to leave I visited the cheap one, to bulk-buy as much marijuana as possible. I can’t wait for our next holiday.
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